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National Faith HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

The Black Church & HIV supports the inaugural National Faith HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

Day of Unity - July 23, 2017

The Black Church & HIV and faith leaders across the U.S. will join forces for Day of Unity on July 23, 2017. Faith leaders around the country will unite in the fight against HIV by preaching from the pulpit about HIV’s disparate impact on Black America for this year’s Day of Unity.

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The HIV epidemic is one of the most pressing social justice issues in Black America. The time to fight is now. Will you join us?

The Black Church & HIV: The Social Justice Imperative Graphic

The Black Church & HIV: The Social Justice Imperative is reaching the 30 U.S. cities with the greatest burden of HIV among African Americans.

The Black Church and HIV: The Social Justice Imperative Video

Throughout our history, the NAACP has fought to combat policies and practices that undermine human rights and social justice. HIV is now one of these important issues for our community. Black people are more likely to become infected, less likely to know they have the disease and more likely to die from HIV/AIDS than any other race. Watch this video to learn more.