Do I have to implement all the strategies recommended in the Manual?

We have provided various suggestions, educational tools, and strategies to help you and your congregation incorporate HIV activism. We understand that incorporating HIV activism into a spiritual setting may be perceived as a difficult process, but it is possible to begin with small steps even in the most conservative environments.  In reading the Manual, you may even learn that your church is already engaging in activities that address HIV as a social justice and not even be aware of your current activism. For example, if your church is hosting a Saturday workshop that teaches individuals how to job search, build a resume, and/or interview for a job you are not only helping someone to gain employment but addressing the high rates of unemployment among African Americans, which is one of the many socio-economic factors that plays a role in the high prevalence rates of HIV transmission in Black communities.

To help you further in your quest with implementing HIV/AIDS activities in your communities, we encourage you to connect with our Ambassadors, whom serve as on the ground leaders of the initiative working with pastors on how they can better impact their community and encourage action. We also encourage you to contact us for support as you implement strategies in your congregations. We become so overjoyed and excited when we receive photos, stories and feedback from faith leaders.

It is our hope that you find the information in the manual helpful and inspirational. Most importantly, we hope that it will move your spirit to join us in this fight to save our communities from the disproportionate impact of HIV.

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