Historically, denominational leaders of the Black Church have been instrumental in energizing multiple social movements, including those to end slavery, expand educational opportunities, and increase voter registration. With the initiative’s goal of making systemic cultural and behavioral change in communities that are heavily impacted by HIV, support from denominational leadership plays a vital role in establishing and sustaining a national network of knowledge and action around HIV.

The Black Church & HIV is focused on expanding partnerships within the leading African American denominations to secure support for the advancement of the initiative. Full endorsement of the initiative includes:

To date, the initiative has secured denominational commitments from:

As a denominational leader, here are a few things you can do to endorse the initiative as a core priority at the denominational level:

  • Verbal and written commitment to support The Black Church & HIV Issue a public statement (such as a press release, resolution, annual sessions, etc.) supporting the involvement of the church in the fight against HIV.
  • Integration of principles and framework of the Initiative into the church meetings, educational curriculum, and ministry. Direct pastors within your denomination to address health as a social justice issue and normalize HIV testing within their congregation and local communities.
  • Training for ministry leaders for the initiative’s manual. Commit to having pastors participate and/or host trainings in their respective areas.

We also encourage you to participate in the annual Day of Unity, July 12, 2015, which unites faith leaders across the country in a social justice movement against HIV. Learn more by visiting the Day of Unity page.

Learn About Our Work In the Community

Visit our blog to read about the work The Black Church & HIV initiative is doing across the U.S. to fight the HIV epidemic’s disparate impact on Black America.

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Social Justice

The Pastoral Brief and Activity Manual provide more in-depth information about HIV’s impact on the Black community, resources, and how to join the fight.

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